Intimate Couple: An Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) Workshop

Teacher: with Frank "Sandy" Evarts and Barbara Kess Evarts
Location: Big Sur, California
Date: February 23 - 28, 2014
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Trust, love, erotic sexuality and a core experience of self are building blocks for a vital relationship. Yet, unless our bodies are awakened, these remain elusive ideas rather than familiar body feelings. Until we recognize the themes that distort our views, cause our pre-judgments and perpetuate old defensive patterns, it is difficult to trust or be trusted. For a conscious relationship, or even just one that works well over time, we must know ourselves and have practical body-mind mental health tools to resolve the inevitable dilemmas that interrupt our sense of wellbeing.

Today, most couples want a loving, equal and reciprocal relationship, but few know how to accomplish this attunement. Once you and your partner simultaneously experience these internal feelings -- and know what gets in the way -- you will know how you got there and how to achieve it again and again.

Designed as a preventive model, this workshop can help you uncover the key undermining themes in your relationship and provide tools to deal with them before they become terminal problems. It will also provide tools for experiencing heightened aliveness, sustaining a sense of self in the body and making sex better. With IBP, couples can learn how to regain their hope and excitement.

This workshop is an excellent introduction to IBP. It is also a great opportunity to see how we incorporate body and mind working with couples. For those of you who are familiar with IBP, this workshop is an effective way to introduce your partner to this transformative process. We will provide innovative in-depth therapy focusing on early developmental history, sexuality and inner awakening; show how love and agency can be confused; how with the best of intentions sexuality can become a duty rather than a pleasure and a joy.

Learn attunement in this supportive and healing environment for relationships. Gain affirmative new insights for enhancing sexuality and intimacy. Come join us for a week of fun, learning and inner growth at the beautiful Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

Prerequisites: For couples only.


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