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The IBP Central Institute is licensed by the State of California to provide Post Secondary Education, and is certified by the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) to provide continuing education credits (CEUs) to California licensed MFCC and LCSW mental health professionals.

MFCCs and LCSWs are required to earn 36 hours of CEUs during each two-year licensing period. Please refer to the BBS regulations to determine when you must start earning your CEUs, and how the rules affect you.

Students and Teaching Assistants in IBP's 3-year Professional Training Program, can earn up to 40 hours of CEUs per year (10 per quarter). The fee for CEUs is an additional $40 per quarter. Participants attending IBP Introductory Workshops are also eligible for CEUs.

IBP Teachers can apply for CEUs for up to 20 units per quarter. For IBP Teachers, the fee is waived. Teachers can even receive CEUs for teaching one individual class. Teachers must provide a teaching plan, evaluate students learning, and obtain written teacher evaluations to receive credit.

An application for CEUs must be submitted prior to the beginning of the quarter in which the credits are requested. The granting of CEUs will depend upon satisfactory fulfillment of class requirements including attendance, demonstration of learning, and professional conduct. To apply for CEUs, download this form, and fax or mail the completed form to the IBP Central Institute office prior to attending a CEU-eligible IBP training event. If you have any questions, please contact the IBP Central Institute.


    IBP Central Institute
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