IBP Certified Practitioners

Graduate Class

The Graduate Class is open to all qualified IBP Training Program graduates, and meets on alternate weekends from the regular training program. The Graduate Class covers advanced issues in psychotherapeutic treatment, and is tailored to address the specific practice challenges facing the individual IBP Practitioners that make up each class.

IBP Teacher Training Program


IBP Certified Practitioners interested in becoming an IBP Certified Teacher can apply to become Teaching Assistants (TA). A TA assists regular IBP faculty members in teaching a particular IBP training class, from the first year through graduation at the end of the third year.  IBP Certified Teachers are also eligible to function as IBP Certified Training Therapists, with whom IBP students must complete their 100 hours of individual IBP therapy.

IBP Speakers Bureau

Join the IBP Speakers Bureau and expand your practice while increasing IBP's visibility in your community.

IBP Peer Supervision

Join monthly meetings of IBP therapists where case studies are presented and IBP solutions are discussed.

Brush-up Workshop

Once a year, a brush-up workshop is offered by senior IBP faculty members to give IBP Certified Practitioners an opportunity to practice their skills under supervised conditions, and present the latest innovations and refinements in IBP practice tools and skills.

IBP Practice Materials

Visit the IBP Bookstore, and purchase your IBP practice materials online! Items available include: books, cushions, straps, posters, questionnaires, articles, and more!

Free articles include:

  • How to start an IBP Institute in your area
  • How to become an IBP Teaching Assistant (TA)
  • How to become an IBP Certified Training Therapist

Other Benefits of IBP Certification

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Integrative Body Psychotherapy Training offers four tracks:

  • Mental Health Professional
  • Allied Professional
  • Associate
  • Teacher

CEU credits available.

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