About IBP

Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) is a highly efficient and effective way of working with clients that can lead to deeper more meaningful therapeutic work in less time with lasting results. IBP treats the whole person, integrating the body, mind, emotions and spirit. IBP unifies the best approaches to mental health and human evolution including: Psychoanalysis, Object Relations Theory, Gestalt therapy, Reichian therapy, Self Psychology, Bioenergetics, Feldenkrais, Transpersonal Psychology, Eastern philosophies and practices, and more. All these therapeutic approaches are unified in a single non-invasive somatic implementation model that is simple, powerful, and often, transformative.

IBP Psychotherapist and ClientIBP mental health tools are used in combination with energetic breath work to heighten aliveness in the body, enabling clients to break through their somatically maintained habitual false-self facades into fully integrated states of well-being, constancy and core sense of self. By giving IBP clients a new somatically integrated experience of themselves, others and the world, they see everything through a totally different lens. By practicing IBP mental health tools and energetic breath work, clients learn to shift themselves out of the old habitual patterns and behaviors that kept them fragmented and living out of their false self, and to sustain a profound body-mind state of core self in the face of life's inevitable interruptions.

Many people today live in constant states of stress, or fight, flight or freeze. These dysfunctional body-mind states not only limit functions such as the immune system, sexuality, digestion, and elimination, they also block the ability to think and feel beyond survival and crisis level problems. Without effective somatic intervention, clients stay fragmented, unstable and prone to faulty projections. It is extremely difficult to shift out of these dysfunctional states through talk therapy alone. What IBP offers is an effective, integrated approach, that can transform states of fragmentation and stress into integrated and embodied states of wellbeing, clarity, and serenity changes that can be seen and felt in the body.

Many IBP clients and therapists come to IBP because they feel dissatisfied or disillusioned with other therapy modalities; they feel something is missing, or they aren't experiencing real changes or lasting therapeutic results in themselves or with their clients.


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