IBP offers training, workshops and weekend intensives for mental health professionals, allied professionals, and personal development.

IBP is a non-invasive somatic psychotherapy that treats the whole person, integrating body, mind, emotions, and spirit, enabling you to do deeper more meaningful work in less time with more lasting results. IBP integrates the best approaches from Eastern and Western psychological, physiological and spiritual body-mind theories and practices into a highly efficient and effective somatic implementation model for psychotherapy.

IBP experiential practices enable you to break through your old, somatically maintained dysfunctional behavior patterns by reawakening and establishing fully integrated states of well-being, constancy and sense of self in the body. This facilitates a transformation of consciousness at the core of their being.

IBP Diversity Scholarship!

IBP is pleased to announce our new Diversity Scholarship for qualified mental health professionals! Download the details and application form here: IBP Scholarship.pdf

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